About KKjili Casino

KKJILI CASINO is a wholly owned tier 1 subsidiary of POGO Philippines Group, registered at POGO in December 2016 with a registered capital of $400 million. It is positioned as the basic platform for scientific and technological innovation of KKJILI Group. The Company has invested, established and holds 49% of the equity capital of KKJILI Cloud Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KKJILI Cloud Payment”). KKJILI Cloud Payment is committed to building a comprehensive ecosystem of “finance + life + services” and forming a “dual platform” with KKJILI Bank Philippines to jointly develop convenient services and the financial industry comprehensive of the Philippines.

KKJILI CASINO’s mission is to provide technology support to large-scale financial corporations and continuously improve the group’s overall innovation and technology capabilities. By building an information platform at the corporate headquarters level, we can realize information sharing, resource sharing, and improve management modernization; focus on the “Group + Internet” strategic development plan, develop the data connection platform and ecological connection platform to promote the development of financial, industrial and comprehensive financial ecosystem; explore the “Internet+” innovation model, expand the field of innovation, and aim for first-class scientific and technological products for innovation.

KKJILI CASINO gives full play to the group’s full financial license as well as the advantages of industrial and financial integration, and brings together “finance + technology” synthetic talents to not only serve group services but also provides technology innovation and empowerment services to banks and other member companies to support the digital transformation and growth of various companies. At the same time, we will engage in innovation cooperation and technology export towards a large market. KKJILI CASINO relies on the group’s rich business scenarios to accelerate the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and the Internet of Things, while continuing to open widen the scope of its services; through the tricycle of “research and development”, “incubation” and “investment”, Strengthen resource integration ability; cooperate with a number of first-class Internet companies to establish technology innovation laboratories to form flexible financial technology product design, development and operation capabilities.

In the future, KKJILI CASINO will deeply integrate with the business development of the Group and various enterprises, combine market needs and characteristics of KKJILI, promote and lead business development through technology innovation investment funds, technology innovation incubators, technology innovation laboratories, innovation management platforms, etc., and become a famous enterprise A new technology company with “intelligence incredible imagination, incredible execution and incredible product development” and controllable risks.